About Us

Rosa Fernández

Group Leader

My research focuses on phylogenomic approaches to understand (i) how animals are related to each other, (ii) how they reshaped their genomes to generate their inmense diversity and (iii) how they adapted to new environments - such as during terrestrialization or adaptation to life in caves. My favourite creatures are terrestrial invertebrates (mainly arthropods and annelids), but I´m expanding my interest to other lineages as well to have a better picture of animal evolution at a macroevolutionary scale.


My brief CV can be downloaded here.

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Judit Salces
Lab Manager & Research Technician

I play two roles in the lab. On one side, I manage the lab and I'm involved in project administration. On the other, I lead the experimental work that happens at the lab: RNAseq experiments, Nanopore sequencing, optimizing protocols and teaching students and visitors wet lab techniques. I love the challenges associated with working with nonmodel organisms: each day at the lab is different. To sum up, I keep the lab up and running!

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Jesús Lozano-Fernández

Postdoctoral Fellow (Juan de la Cierva-Incorporación)

I'm interested in arthropod phylogenomics, particularly in investigating the evolution of chelicerates through a molecular palaeobiological approach. My research incorporates a synoptic science where the evolutionary history of molecules and fossils are merged to understand and reliably assess evolution.

My personal webpage can be accessed here.

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Vanina Tonzo

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am interested in arthropod comparative genomics, particularly in understanding gene repertoire evolution across arthropods and interrogate how gene duplication can play a key role in the evolution of novel traits and convergent evolution.

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Leandro Arístide

Postdoctoral Fellow (Juan de la Cierva-Formación)

I am interested in the interface between genomics, transcriptomics, molecular evolution and diversification dynamics. My project aims at exploring how we can incorporate genomic and gene expression data into phylogenetic modeling to further understand major evolutionary transitions.

Pau Balart García
PhD Student

I am interested in understanding how life became successful in extreme habitats. My research focuses on understanding the evolution of subterranean fauna. My PhD project aims at ellucidating the genomic basis of adaptation to caves in subterranean beetles through a phylogenomics and comparative genomics approach.

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Gemma Isabel Martínez Redondo

PhD Student

I am interested in understanding how arthropods reshaped their genomes to conquer terrestrial environments. Through a phylogenomics and comparative genomics approach informed by genomics, transcriptomics and protein engineering, I will explore the evolution of the genes that facilitated adaptation to life on land.

Carolina Simón

Master Student (Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona)

I am interested in understanding how mollusks conquered terrestrial environments. My project involves the characterization, annotation and phylogenetic investigation of aquaporins across mollusks.

Marina Vergé

Undergraduate student (Universitat de Girona)

I am interested in understanding gene family evolution across chelicerates. My project involves the characterization and annotation of gene families in horse shoe crabs, sea spiders and arachnids.