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We've been awarded a HFSP Early Career research grant to investigate arthropod terrestrialization!!


WS GUYS!! We've been awarded a Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) Early Career Research Grant to investigate arthropod terrestrialization!!

The project will test the hypothesis that a rise in oxygen levels triggered arthropod terrestrialization. For that, we will apply an inter- and transdisciplinary approach through the combination of genomics, paleontology and quantum physics/chemistry.

This project will be developed by a team composed of 3 labs: Ana Belén Muñoz-García Lab at University Federico II (Naples, Italy) with expertise in physical chemistry, Javier Ortega-Hernández Lab at Harvard University (USA) with expertise in paleontology, and our lab in Barcelona, with the three of us participating as co-PIs of the project.

Can't wait to start this collaboration with such awesome teams! Stay tuned for job openings and cool results!

More info here:

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