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So many good news!!

Although rejection is the rule in academia, sometimes you get grants, and fellowships, and papers accepted in cool journals. And I have to say we have a lot to celebrate in the lab! This are all the good things that happened in the lab in the last couple of months, in chronological order:

  • Last month, Pau was awarded a grant from the Systematics Research Fund to study phylogenomics of cave beetles. Big congrats Pau!

  • Last month, our project to study the genomic basis of terrestrialization in arthropods got funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science!! The grant will cover 3 years of research on this exciting topic. Stay tuned for some great science on this topic!

  • Two weeks ago, a candidate postdoctoral fellow (who´s name I´m not revealing until things get a little bit more settled) got a very competitive postdoctoral fellowship (Juan de la Cierva) to join the lab at the end of the year. So happy to have him with us very soon!

  • Yesterday, an undergraduate student was awarded a competitive grant from the Spanish Research Council (JAEIntro) to join our lab after summer. This means that our scientific family will be growing soon and by the end of the year we will be 5 people (2 females, 3 males, good gender balance!). Not bad for a lab that started in January and went right away through a pandemia! :-)

  • Two papers about genomes, insects and earthworms got accepted, yeahhhh!! (I´ll add them to the list of publications after they´re online, probably next week).

Stay tuned for more great news!

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